This week's first lines for a new novel: Little Joey’s Sister was giving him indigestion.  She was incredibly hard to digest!

This is a real short but tragic story about the world of anamorphic animals. If you like it, share it, and maybe an agent out there somewhere will see it. 

When I started writing I decided to use a pen name because Bill Savage sounded a lot sexier than Bill Kendrick.  I am a retired plumber and graphic artist (a strange combination for sure).  I live in Kemah, Texas, south of Houston about a block from Galveston Bay with my wife and two cats (the real bosses around here).  I have always wanted to write but never had time.  After retiring I finally have the time to write down some of the things that have been rattling around in my head all these years.

My first book is The Eden Rock, a 33000 word Novella with 20 illustrations, about an apartment house I lived in when I was young and totally nuts.  The place went broke and the manager stopped collecting the rent.  Decent folks moved out and scum moved in and during the next three months life in the unit degenerated into tribal warfare.  Finally the city ran everybody off and closed it down.  Find out more at the link above.

I have just finished revising my 80000 word science fiction novel Chimeras and have started sending queries to agents.  If you want to get an idea of what the book is about click here to read the forward and the first chapter.  Please let me know what you think at:

I belong to: Bay Area Writers League, BAWL - Clear Lake Area Writers, CLAW - & - The Houston Vintage Radio Association and Vintage Radio & Phonograph Society in Dallas Texas.  You guessed it.  I collect, repair, and restore old antique tube radios and I have a large collection.  My antique radio site has over 1900 antique radio pictures at: Silver Sounds & Stuff.   If you want to contact me or just drop by and check out my collection you can email me at:

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